Entry 12: A little blizzard isn’t getting in my way!


Should I be blessed with a little monkey from these eggs at some point down the road, I can’t wait to tell him or her the trouble I went to just to create the eggs from which he/she was hatched.

My day started with my morning shot, and I’m getting to be quite a pro:

Then came the mad running around. It’s January in NYC, and the storm we are expecting tonight is meant to be of historic proportions. It’s already snowing, so I got a call from NYU suggesting I come in today instead of tomorrow for my blood work and ultrasound. I dropped my meetings and schlepped up in the snow, in my stilettos, up hill, all the way (ok, more like up-town, and by schlepping, I mean via Uber, but those are the details I will undoubtedly leave out when I repeat this story as a mom).

My appointment was good. Dr. Noyes gave me an A+ for the day. She says my ovaries look fantastic. They’re still nice and small, which is apparently a good thing. I don’t know why I’m so proud of having ‘fantastic’ ovaries. I have nothing to show for them, and I have done nothing to make them so. But I’ll take a compliment wherever I can get it.

Then later in the afternoon, I got the call with my results from the morning. My estrogen levels went from 42 on day 1 (this is good – it should be below 75 to start the drugs) to 458 in 2 days! Apparently, this is also good. It means I’m responding well, and it also means it’s time to start the Ganirelix tomorrow (these help prevent me from ovulating too early). They also told me to reduce my Follitism shot down to 75 IU’s just for tonight. Then tomorrow, I do the Ganirelix shot in the morning, 300 IU’s of Follistim in the evening, and back to the doctor for more blood work and another ultrasound on Wednesday morning.

Anyway, I thought I was so smart not picking up all my meds in one go, until I realized that with Snowmageddon 2015 hurling towards us, there was a chance that I would run out of Ganirelix while the entire city is shut down (because I only picked up 3 days’ worth – I wasn’t expecting to start those shots so soon into my cycle).

So, I schlepped up-town again, and by now, there was quite a bit of snow on the ground, and coming down heavy. I dropped another $260 on 2 days’ worth of shots (and another $100 on some overpriced candles, but I rationalized it as blizzard prep), then I made my way home in the treacherous snow to finish my day off with my 5th shot.

But if I ever hatch one of these little eggs, it will all have been worth it, ten times over.

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