Entry 11: Shots all weekend!


I promised to share the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Injecting myself was one of the aspects of this process that I was most nervous about, so I wanted to not only write about it, but share some video of it (they’re really not bad, even if you’re squeamish).

Saturday night was the first night of the shots, so I’ve had the weekend to practice, and have given myself three shots so far. And from my limited experience, I’ve already learned a thing or two.

First, there is a really helpful demo video that walks you through the process.  I decided to watch it 10 minutes before I was to administer the first shot. Not a good idea! As I watched the video, I  realized I didn’t have two very important things that I needed. Rubbing alcohol, and a container to dispense the needles in (which the pharmacy should have provided but didn’t).

I thought the rubbing alcohol bit would be easy. I ran down to the little convenience store in my building, but the theme of this weekend was lack of preparation, so of course, I had forgotten that the place closes at 5 on Saturdays. Just as I started cursing the store manager for closing early on the weekends, a handsome neighbor I’d never met came to my rescue. He started to chat with me and we both agreed that the convenience store manager was a total slacker for not being here for me in my time of need. In our 30 second interaction, I became comfortable enough with this stranger to ask if he happened to have any rubbing alcohol. I realize is a strange thing to ask someone I had just met in the lobby, but when a girl needs rubbing alcohol . . . anyway, he did indeed have a bottle. And that could have been the beginning of a great romantic comedy, if not for his lovely wife who was sitting on the couch when I strolled in. I’m sure she was confused and annoyed, but I got what I needed in the end.

As for the little dispensers for the used needles – that’s a really strange thing to ask a neighbor for, so I’ll take care of that later.

Second, I had moral support. The first night, my friend Heather spent her Saturday night watching me give myself a shot. And I’m so glad she did because it made the whole thing actually kind of fun. Thanks Heather :).

Third, and this was unintentional but very helpful, Heather and I went to see American Sniper just before the shot. It was one of those movies that just puts everything into perspective. After the movie, I realized that the thing I was most afraid of was just a silly little shot with a tiny little needle. No big deal.

Last, I took video of it so I could share, but what I realized is that the video was actually very helpful with the process.  I could have stood there staring at the needle for hours if the camera wasn’t rolling, but with a bit of pressure, I just did it.

The Lessons:

  • prepare a bit – it’s really not a lot of effort, just watch the video well before you have to give yourself the shot so you know you have everything you need.
  • have a friend there – it will lighten the mood.
  • get some perspective: if you are able to pay for egg freezing, and you’re doing your shots with a friend’s support, and you can laugh about it, life really isn’t that bad and these little shots are no big deal.
  • and if you’re really freaking out about the needle, video yourself – I know that sounds weird, but it will force you to just do it.

If you need a real, helpful demonstration on how to do this, the below videos are not very helpful (watch this instead).

But if you want to see what real people look like the first couple of times, the below videos should do. I’m happy to share what an ass I am for the greater good.

If you’re wondering, I spent half the time looking for the little droplet that you’re supposed to see! Then I jabbed myself the wrong way which is why the injection takes so long. I also didn’t do it in the perfect spot, and standing didn’t help. I grabbed skin, not fat. I had a little stinging when I was done, but I think that’s just because of how haphazardly I pulled the needle out, and where I injected myself.

The below video is the next morning – so much easier (please don’t judge the bags under my eyes – I’m not sleeping well without my Xanax!). This time, I sat down so I was able to grab enough belly fat. I injected the right way, using my thumb. I still had a hard time finding that damn little droplet, but lot’s of progress just between shot 1 and 2.

And finally, this is my 3rd shot of the weekend. I had moral support again. I lured Stella up to my apartment under the guise of planning her baby shower, and instead, she got to time me giving myself the injection, because of course, I had managed to turn this into a competitive sport after only 2 shots down (I did it in 2 mins and 14 secs.!).

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