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My real job has kept me away from my this little blog of mine, but I’m back with renewed passion for this topic thanks to an amazing project and short film called ‘Let’s Get To Work,’ Turnstone Consulting’s Future of Work explanimation. 

It reminded me of my original mission to make Birth Control 2.0 a thing – part of our vernacular when talking about ‘grown-up’ birth control.

Birth control as we know it today, let’s call it Birth Control 1.0, was all about prevention. It largely taught us that sex = baby. I found out too late in life that sex ≠ baby. So Birth Control 2.0 is truly about control. It calls for more comprehensive sex education that doesn’t just teach us how NOT to get pregnant. It demands that doctors have earlier conversations with young women – realistic, truthful conversations, not the easy-way-out ones. Most importantly, it ultimately demands a system that accepts egg freezing (and all forms of fertility/reproductive aid) as an essential part of our health and well being, making it just as coverable as Viagra and the birth control pill.

But while I’ve been thinking about Birth Control 2.0 and the growing reproductive market simply through the lens of fertility awareness and aid, the ladies behind the ‘Let’s Get To Work’ project go much deeper, exploring the relationship between the emerging but growing market of reproductive technology, and the accelerating freelance economy. It has opened my eyes to the larger, more complex questions we face today. Simply put, they’re not just looking at how reproductive technology can change/help us on an individual level, but these smart gals are also considering how to re-shape business and even capitalism such that there is room, respect and support for the family unit (however you choose to define family).

I’m so honored to have been asked to participate in this up-coming panel discussion at a screening of the short film, ‘Let’s Get To Work.’ These ladies are much smarter than I am, but we are birds of a feather in our desire to carve a different path for generations ahead; one that accommodates and even celebrates their choices, no matter how unconventional.

Stay tuned for the film, as well as my take on some of the topics the project examines in the coming weeks.

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