The biggest irony of egg freezing is that by the time most of us can actually afford to do it, we’re no longer at the optimal age of fertility. And frankly, even now, with a nice income, the thought of shelling out nearly $20K for something that’s far from a guarantee is daunting at best, anxiety inducing at worst.

The numbers vary depending on where you do it, how much medicine you need (and how much medicine you need varies based on how much stimulation you need to kick start egg production, so there are a lot of unknowns as you go into this), but $20K is what I’m preparing for, including one year of storage.

Oh yes, you need to pay rent to keep those bad boys (or girls) frozen, so it’s not a one time cost – you’ll be paying rent until you’ve hatched them, or decide you no longer want them. As with the procedure, these costs vary depending on what state or city you live in. Rent isn’t quite as expensive as treatment itself, but something to consider.

As my treatments near, I am counting my pennies and getting very worried about this whole thing. I have a couple of options. I can blow my savings, I can blow part of my savings and use credit cards for the rest, or, I can finance it at a less than desirable interest rate.

There are several resources for figuring out financing. Some fertility clinics offer financing options, or you can find a loan through sites like Eggbanx.

As part of my documentation of this journey, I’ll be very candid about how much everything costs, what the drivers of costs are, etc. So, stay tuned . . . I’ll know more in the coming weeks.

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