Since my husband and I separated over a year ago, I’ve been promising myself that I would freeze my eggs. We were in the midst of fertility treatments when we started to question our marriage. While we weren’t sure wanted to be together, I was sure I wanted kids at some point. I’m not getting any younger, however, so I knew I would have to take some proactive measures to try and ensure that I could have a biological child some day.

2014 was a crazy year – too many ups and downs, too much stress, too many major life changes all at once. Having been through fertility treatments with my husband, I knew how fragile the reproductive process is – how sensitive it is to stress and outside factors. I also know how damn expensive it is. So I didn’t want to spend a lot of money only to yield very few good eggs! I decided to wait until I was emotionally and mentally more stable. Those who know me well may argue that time has yet to come – and they may be right! But my doctor recommends I do this before I turn 37, so, here we go . . .

Next week, I’ll start the process at NYU Langone Fertility with Dr. Noyes. The first two critical steps in the process are 1) blood work to check for genetic issues, general health, STD’s, etc. 2) an orientation that every woman has to go through before starting treatments. I’ll do both on the 7th.

I feel like a kid getting ready for the first day of school. I’ve done a lot of research, so I have a general sense of what will happen, but I still have a lot of questions: how often will I have to shoot myself full of hormones and when? Will it be more intensive than the IUI treatments I underwent? What’s the timing of it all? What are the statistics and realities for someone at my age in my condition (there are lots of guesses and general answers out there, but I want to hear it from my doctor), etc.? Hopefully, many of these questions will be answered, or begin to be answered at my orientation. I’ll share when I know more!

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