Entry 15: Five Things I Didn’t Expect


Today is kind of a nothing day. I felt ok – neither good nor bad. And I didn’t have a doctor’s appointment, so I don’t have any crazy ovary quotes from Dr. Noyes to report back.

So, I thought I would just share the 5 things I’ve found most surprising about this process so far.

1. The cycle is whizzing by. I’ll probably be done by mid next week. I arranged for my mom to stay with me well into February thinking my procedure wouldn’t be until around the 10th. I assumed that the egg freezing process would take longer because my natural cycles are longer, but 1+1 does not equal 2. It’s all about how quickly your ovaries respond and produce follicles. Anyway, lucky me, I now have dear old mom hanging out with me for much of February. I love her to pieces and I’m so glad she’s here, but she watches over me like I’m 10. She literally stands right next to me every time I give myself a shot. And having never done this herself, insists on giving me instructions on what to do with the needle. God give me patience. If I can make it through 10 days of hormone treatments without losing my shit, I’ll have achieved saint-hood.

2. I didn’t expect my girls (ovaries) to behave as well as they have. They’ve been very responsive. I guess I thought that since I’ve had several unsuccessful IUI’s, this would be a bust too.

3. I knew there were side effects, but the control freak in me assumed I would just keep it all in check. Not so.  I’ve been ok on the physical stuff – the bloating and cramping haven’t been severe. But I’ve had the occasional emotional, crazy thoughts: forget freezing, let’s just get these girls some swimmers, plant them back inand have a baby already (not a decision I should make while hopped up on estrogen). But more surprisingly, I’ve been really tired and absent-minded. Skipping Barry’s Boot Camp hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be – I have no energy, and I’m so brain dead that I would probably fall off the treadmill.

4. The shots are literally, actually, painless. I know the videos are a bit painful to watch, but that’s just because I’m a bit awkward with a needle and a camera! But there is literally no physical pain. I think when you’re poking yourself, you kind of know what to do so that it doesn’t hurt. There has been the occasional stinging when I put too much rubbing alcohol on, or when I poke myself right where my stomach rolls over my jeans! But other than that, it is truly, honestly painless.

5. Last, I wasn’t expecting the experience to be so pleasant. I do think part of it is that this is my version of nurturing something, but part of it is also NYU Langone. My doctor is actually fun to chat with, in fact, she’s someone I’d love to have a drink with. The head nurse, Christine, is my new best friend (she doesn’t know that yet, but I plan to be her favorite patient ever), and I even run into friends in the waiting room. I’m actually looking forward to going tomorrow morning. Yes, I realize I’m a bit strange.

And, as always, it wouldn’t be an entry without my very awkward videos. My evening shots took 2 takes again because as mentioned above, I’m slightly brain dead and I tried to give myself a shot with an empty vile.

Morning Shot: Ganirelix

Evening Shot Take 1:

Evening Shot Take 2:

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