Entry 14: Lunatic ovaries = sleepy girl


I’m keeping today’s post really short. I am beyond exhausted. I really wanted to keep reporting back that the hormone injections aren’t effecting me, but I have to admit that they are – I’m not made of steel, and I can’t exercise my way out of this one.

I’m super tired, sluggish and slightly brain dead. I’m also getting pretty bloated and I can’t blame it on my mom’s food.

Dr. Noyes called my ovaries ‘lunatic’ today. On Monday, they were ‘fantastic.’ Today, they’re ‘lunatic.’  I’m not happy about the new descriptor, but Dr. Noyes says it’s a good thing. They’re responding very nicely. Good girls, even if slightly lunatic – now that I think of it, I’m a lot like my ovaries in that way.

I also have about 12 follicles so far (pretty good for day 5), and I’m going to produce more. If I were in danger of having sex any time soon, it could mean a lot of babies – a litter of them, actually. The follicles are what produce estrogen. I went from an estrogen level of 42 on Saturday, to 458 on Monday, to 987 today, Wednesday. No wonder I’m tired – my body is doing crazy things in a matter of days.

She also says I’m a candidate for hyperstimulation because my ovaries went from being nice and small on Monday, to ‘lunatic’ size today. These are the words my doctor uses with me – I get the feeling she thinks most patients don’t care about the details. I do, so I’m going to look at my chart on Friday when I go back – I was just too exhausted to probe for real answers today.

So for now, I’m going to go tuck my lunatic, over-sized ovaries into bed and try to sleep off today’s dose of crazy shots.




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