Egg Freezing Parties: A healthy dose of Skepticism


Tonight, I went to an egg freezing party that EggBanxx put on at the Nomad in NYC. It was a proper cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres and plenty of wine. I didn’t learn anything new because I’ve personally been obsessed with this topic for so long that I could have been their expert speaker. But it if you’re just getting started, it’s not a bad way to get a live 101.

Dr. Fahimeh Sasan, Chief Medical Officer of EggBanxx, OB/GYN at Mount Sinai Hospital, is approachable and talks about it in simple terms. I love that she’s paving the way to having open dialogue about this, and that she’s driving the conversation into the mainstream.

That said, as with everything, I went to the event with a healthy dose of skepticism and here’s what rubbed me the wrong way:

  1. EggBanxx is basically a broker: they negotiate ‘discounted’ prices with clinics (of the procedure only – the drugs still cost what they cost) in return for volume of patients. If you still can’t afford the cost, they provide (high interest rate) financing options.
  2. Therefore, the doctors at these events are basically there to sell you on their practice – in fact, during Q&A, there was an uncomfortable moment where one of the clinics basically quoted a SIGNIFICANTLY lower cost than the other two. It was a little used car salesman-like.
  3. Thus, rather than encouraging the conversation about having health insurance cover this more systematically, practices are trying to figure out how to make a business out of it.  By the way, the two things aren’t mutually exclusive, except that doctors are all still referring to this as ‘elective,’ like a boob job, and therefore, simply accepting that insurance doesn’t cover it.
  4. Some of the most credible fertility practices from NYC were notably missing from the ‘panel.’ In fact, one of the practices was a small start-up that was clearly there to drum-up business (they all were, but this one was particularly obvious).
  5. It was clearly a marketing event, with a very captive, very valuable audience all sitting in one place. I got the sense that every picture being taken and all of the information they were collecting from us was going straight into a ‘media kit’ which they will later use to discuss conversion rates with other clinics.

All that said, I do encourage people to check out their events. If you need a break from trolling the internet for information, it’s a great way to get a 101 from live people.

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